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Computers and Stuff


My first computer was a Univac 9200 with 8k of core memory! (of course this was 1970).

UNIVAC 9200 (c. 1971)

My newest desktop computer is a MacBook Pro which is great except that some of the PowerPC software crashes on the Intel version.


For web site management, I am using Dreamweaver - it's good, but also complicated and has an annoying habit of translating special characters such as ~ into the HTML equivalent. However worth the effort to get to know the nitty gritty. I use the MX Studio version on my Mac, but the bundled FTP client crashes on the Intel version if Iuse passive FTP. I've not found a work-around except to use active FTP. However that does not work with some ISPs.

I'm increasingly converting my server-side software to allow users to modify files with just a browser, so the need for software like Dreamweaver is getting less all the time.

I use ABBYY Finereader for OCR work. It is an old piece of software but still the best recognition software I have yet to find.